Starting a Business in Glass Blowing

Blowing glass is a great home project, but it is even better when you can earn a steady income during the process. Selling a few blow glass pieces here and there is a sure way to save up for a longed for vacation, but what you really want is a steady income. In order to find regular customers, it is up to you to do all of the leg work to find them. Some great ways to start your search is by visiting local head shops, creating business cards, and building a website for your business.

Head Shops: All head shops are in need of masterminds that can create unique glass pieces that will sell easily in their store. If your pieces spark their interest, you may just find all of your work displayed on their shelves waiting to be bought by local residents. Although a percentage of the final purchase goes to the owner of the shop, a majority of it goes in your wallet for your hard work and efforts put into creating the pieces.

Business Cards: By creating business cards and handing them out to family, friends and local businesses, you are helping promote your business to help you find customers. When creating your business cards, it is ideal to add a photo next to your business name of your most valuable piece. This will help give people an idea of your talent in glass blowing.

Building a Website: Although having your glass pieces on the shelf of a store is ideal, it is also a brilliant idea to give individuals the online purchasing option. As we all know, life gets hectic and our time is very limited to go out and window shop. By promoting your glass pieces online, you are giving people the opportunity and ease of access to buy your products at any time of day. Find a good web design agency to design your website, then get some SEO done to bring in some search engine traffic.

Decorations: Decorating your glass products is key to attracting attention from window shoppers.  One way to achieve this is to use glass decals which is exactly what well known brands use.