Glass Blowing Courses

The art of blowing glass has long fascinated people. Mixing three simple ingredients and melting them turns them into a magical substance. This molten glass can then be formed into any number of shapes. All it takes is a hollow tube to gather the glass and blow into it. Well, it is not quite as simple as that. It takes knowledge and skill to create forms in glass. That is why there are classes for those who want to learn but have never tried to blow glass.

Classes for beginners come in a wide array of sizes. The more students there are the less personal attention a student will receive. Of course, this does generally cut the cost of taking a class. Courses range from a date night course for two and go as high as an individual instructor feels they can adequately teach. Groups are acceptable in many classes, and they are a fun night out. Single tutoring sessions are generally provided only for students who have previous experience in glass blowing.

Glass blowing classes are generally project oriented and last about 3 hours. Students new to the art will either sign up for a specific project night, or they can choose their own simple project when part of a group. Choices for projects are generally listed in the information for class sign-up. The instructor will take the students through the steps necessary to produce their project. Students will then be given the opportunity to apply those steps and create their project. Instructors are on-hand to supervise and assist.

Many beginner classes focus on making items with clear glass only. Students who want color or design for their projects can always purchase glass transfers or glass decals to apply after their work is done. Clear glass projects give the student a chance to start with a simple project and decide whether or not they want to continue learning. Adding colors and more complex techniques are for advanced students who have already mastered the basic skills.