Crafting a Set of Modern Glassware

As a hobby, glass making has come full circle in the art world. Today, many people study this art for the pleasure of creating a unique piece or set of pieces for friends and family members. Each student works to achieve a personal goal within their abilities. Sharing their pieces as gifts is a large part of the pleasure. One of the ways they do this is to make glass sets for others.

Making sets of glasses is a time-consuming process that is well worth the effort. The final product is a set of glasses that can be used every day in a normal family household. Each piece is crafted by the hands of a loved one with care and feeling. There is no greater gift to receive than that made by someone who knows and loves a person. It represents an offering of time, effort and shared experiences.

One of the best parts of glass making is being able to craft sets with the favorite colors of the person who will use them. People who craft glass learn the many different minerals available to color it. They make choices as to both the color and the amount of color that will be in the final product. This makes a set of glasses truly unique and a thoughtful project when completed.

For those artisans who want even more personalization, glass can be painted. Some artisans do not have the time or artistic talent to paint glass by hand. One option for artists who still want a painted look on their glass set is glass transfers or glass decals. These transfers come in many styles and colors. They can be personalized for the artist and multiple copies are available to complete an entire set of glasses.