How Is Glass Made

Glass is a product made of heated sand with soda ash and limestone. These three ingredients are the basic components to make a mix that...


Glass Blowing Courses

The art of blowing glass has long fascinated people. Mixing three simple ingredients and melting them turns them into a magical substance. This molten glass...


Crafting a Set of Modern Glassware

As a hobby, glass making has come full circle in the art world. Today, many people study this art for the pleasure of creating a...


Glass Terminology For Beginners

Acid Etching This is the process in which you etch the surface of glass with hydrofluoric acid. For decorative acid etching, the glass must first...


Glass Blowing For Novices

Before making the decision to start experimenting with glass blowing, it is ideal that you do some research on the crafts history, as well as...


Starting a Business in Glass Blowing

Blowing glass is a great home project, but it is even better when you can earn a steady income during the process. Selling a few...

There are many paths taken to become a competent glass blower. Some learn from friends & family and through practice, sweat, hard work and a bit of luck they are making glass vases, vessels and paper weights.

An alternative route is to take courses from your local glass studio.  There you will learn about the tools, studio set up, health and safety, how to gather molten glass of the hot furnace, how to add colour and blow vessels.  The most importance benefit of taking a local course to to gain instance feedback from a teacher and to also learn with fellow students.